I’d much rather the girls take their naps at the same time, since this is the only way I ever accomplish anything. But sometimes, in Real Life, this just isn’t going to happen. So the trick seems to be giving up on the idea of a nap for the Wakeful Child (hey – that just means earlier bedtime, right?), and instead finding a quite activity for her to do, while sitting still on the couch.


I’m so glad that Kinsley is finally getting into the idea of these lacing card. I think she’s been a little too young for them until just recently. She thinks she’s sewing, and so loves the Bigness of the activity.

She has recently been begging me to teach her to “crochet, except not with one needle with a thingy on the the end (like my crochet hooks), but with two needles that are pointy and don’t have thingies on the ends”…

I’m hopeful that maybe we can both learn to knit together someday, as this is one of my dream goals… doesn’t knitting just seem so much more sophisticated than crochet, somehow?


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