Vintage homemaking tip :: buymanship

“Buy your meat first. Buy a week’s supply at a time because if you don’t, you will find that each time you go for meat, you will pick up several other things that you could have done without.

After buying meats, buy your dairy products. Always be extravagant on eggs, oleo, and cheese. These are used for all meals and are wonderful food stretchers.

Try using oleo for frying. Sometimes it is cheaper than shortening.

Never run out of potatoes. They can be cooked many ways and taste good with anything.

If it is agreed that thirty dollars a week should be your allowance for groceries… be sure that it is really spent for food. Cigarettes, school supplies, aspirin, beer, and cough syrup are not food.

To test this, go to the store and buy nothing except food. and check out. Then go back in the store and buy those other things. You will find that the real demon in that basket is not what you eat!

If you have a freezer, buy pies, meats, vegetables and anything that is on sale… this is a way to save on your budget. When day-old bread is on sale, buy this too, and freeze it. It’s much cheaper. IN one years time you will have saved enough money on groceries to pay for your freezer.”

~ 1962 Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints


2 thoughts on “Vintage homemaking tip :: buymanship

  1. I agree about potatoes-they can be a meal by themselves in a pinch!

    And wow-I wonder, is it possible for us to feed a family of 5 on $30 a week?!? I’m thinking that it could potentially be done-with the main ingredients being corn, beans, rice, oatmeal potatoes and homemade bread…!

    That could be an interesting challenge.

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