my little world


This is the extent of my world yesterday. I had a nasty, nasty stomach flu. Kinsley had it Sunday, and Dan has it today – in fact, I’m sitting across from him as I write, watching him sleep in that very cozy spot.

While I was sick, Dan took the girls to my parents house, where Hannah and Jacob kept them entertained (either that, or they kept Hannah and Jacob entertained, I’m not sure which way it went), and I slept all day (well, all day if you don’t count the multitudinous trips which I made to the bathroom)…

I think this is the first time I’ve every had a stomach flu while pregnant, and let me tell you… it is NOT fun. As if the lurching and gurgling in the stomach isn’t bad enough already, I don’t think The Boy ever stopped bouncing between my colon and my stomach. I’m sure you wanted to know all of that.

I’m still waiting for Sophie to get sick. Somehow I expect her to be the worst, just ’cause she’s the littlest, but maybe it will pass her by and we can be done with this horrid bug after today.


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