Nathan turns 14!


To Dan, it seems like just yesterday that he attended Nathan’s first birthday party at a park in Florida. Just yesterday, he remembers teaching Nathan how to go between the G and C chords on his guitar, only to be instantly surpassed by his natural talent.

Happy Birthday, Cyclops! We look forward to what this year will bring!


2 thoughts on “Nathan turns 14!

  1. Wow! How did we ever think such a character, would be having his fingers fly across a guitar neck at break-neck speed?

    On the day he was born, we noticed his long flexible fingers and knew someday he would be playing some sort of instrument, now look at him.
    Thanks Dan, for the influence, or at least where he got the bug; we had forgotten that is where it all started! Please put that on our website!

    Love ya guys!

    Eric, Paula, Nathan, Natalie, Glen, and Gage ~ The Lonesome Hill Gang!

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