The “Uncle Jared Dresses”


Uncle Jared bought the girls a lovely, matching set of “fancy dresses” for Christmas. They’ve wanted to wear them constantly, and I have been the horrible, mean Mama, who never lets them do anything fun, since I worry about them wearing them while they eat chili, or play in the sandbox, and all that. I’m such a party pooper.

The other day, Sophie and I reached a compromise. She wanted to wear her Uncle Jared dress to bed, and I didn’t want her to. The compromise? She wore the bloomer part of the dress, over the top of her flannel pajamas.


(PS – Why are my pictures all off color, blurry and grainy? Someone please help!)

6 thoughts on “The “Uncle Jared Dresses”

  1. I don’t notice that they’re grainy, but you should use a lower ISO if you think you are. Using a higher f-number might help with blurriness, and using correct white balance should fix the color problems.

  2. (PS – Why are my pictures all off color, blurry and grainy? Someone please help!)

    Ansel Adams was always asking the same question. It means you’re paying attention. 🙂

    Yup, lower ISO would help, you were shooting these at ISO1600, f4.0, and 1/60th. f4.0 is fine, but that’s more than enough depth of field for any of the photos I’ve seen posted lately — you’ll probably be more pleased by using the 50 1.8 at f2.2 and using that extra stop of light to lower the ISO to 800.

    The color is off because it will always be off unless you shoot in RAW and use Lightroom or another good-quality RAW conversion workflow and correct them on a well-calibrated monitor. Pictage is nice and fast, fun to use, but your color will always be off because it doesn’t let you easily adjust color temperature (which controls the blue-to-orange scale) and tint (which controls the green-to-magenta scale). In a good RAw workflow, you can fine-tune it and then apply those settings to an entire batch of photos.

    If you want to stick with shooting JPEG and using Picasa, you need to get a color calibration target, basically a little pop-up frisbee thing that is known to be a certain shade. You snap a shot of it when your color seems off, then select it as a Custom White Balance reference image. It’s never quite right, because you still probably prefer the white balance a tad on the warmer and magenta-er side than “actual pure white” would give you. But it’s a step in the right direction, and should get you close enough that you’re able to correct to where you want it to be in Picasa without making your images granier.

    That’s the real answer to your question about grain. The digital sensor has a very narrow (on the Rebel XT, only about a stop in either direction) “power band” or latitude. The latitude gets narrower and narrower as you increase the ISO — at ISO 1600 in RAW, your color has to be PERFECT and exposure has to be DEAD ON in camera. At 1600 ISO, if you change any colors or anything in Picasa, it makes the grain 10 times worse as soon as you touch any of the sliders the slightest bit. So going down to f2.2 instead of 4 and lowering ISO to 800 will not only help in your initial grain levels, but when you have to make corrections because you didn’t nail the exposure, you have a little extra wiggle room to brighten something out without just accentuating the grain.

    Have fun! I hope you all MO’ians have a very pleasant last few days of the year. Love to all… Marty and Monica

    1. Thanks! This is just the sort of advice I was hoping for. I plan to sit down as soon as I can and play with the camera. I thought I was shooting RAW, but maybe I changed it back for some reason….

      How were the Georgia holidays?

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