Ornament Favorites :: Old and New


This ornament has been the highlight of Sophie’s Christmas, so far. It came in a package from Uncle Mark and Aunt Holly. When we opened the box and showed the cheerful pink hippo to the girls, they squealed in delight. Then they hung it on the Christmas tree and have shown it proudly to everyone who walks through our door. Three or four times, in fact. So thank you, Uncle Mark and Aunt Holly!!!


This tiny little cardinal came on a box of wonderful English Toffee, from cousins Rachel and Nemiah. Kinsley has taken a particular shine to it, and has shown it to everyone who stops to look at the Pink Hippo. She and Papa have done quite a bit of bird watching lately, and she has been fascinated by cardinals in particular, so this was also a very timely little gift!


This is the last of the new ornaments this year, a gift from Dan’s papa. He has sent us several of these hand painted, mouth blown, Christmas ornaments over the years, and we always love to look at the delicate detail.


Another one from Papa.


This one was a wedding present. Isn’t it romantic?


This is one I bought before we were married. I think it came from Dollar General, and yet, it’s still one that I love to see every year…


A gift from a dear friend. I think it was given to us on our first Christmas together, but it may have been our second. They’re all starting to blend now…

When I was due with Sophie around Christmas time two years ago, we kept her name to ourselves. We were actually going to name her Lucy Sophia, and had experienced a few negative reactions to the name Lucy, so we decided not to share the name until there was a tiny girl to go with it. My little sister, Hannah saw this ornament hanging on the tree, and was certain that she had learned the name of our baby girl!

As it turned out, Sophie’s name got changed while I was in labor to Sophie Lucia Marie, so all that secrecy was for naught.


This ornament was made by Aunt Paula, and acquired at an ornament exchange which was hosted by my mom.


A vintage ornament which I happen to love. Actually, I love all the vintage ornaments, but this one was particularly photogenic. My grandma gave me this. She doesn’t treasure these old things the same way I do, because this is what she’s always had. Plastic is still new and fascinating to Grandma.


This sweet little hand-painted, Nativity set was given to us by Dan’s sister Holly and her husband, Quico. It came all the way from Spain, last Christmas. The only damage it sustained was to Joseph’s hand, but he doesn’t seem to notice. In fact, he holds his staff as suavely as ever, even without the hand.

So, that’s the partial tour of our tree. What are your favorite ornaments? What memories to they bring to mind?


3 thoughts on “Ornament Favorites :: Old and New

  1. We think the DVD (included with the ornament) also includes a chapter on hippos but we don’t think they’re the same color as the ornament! If not, don’t complain to us…it was false advertising!

    1. It did indeed! The girls loved the video (I think Kinsley watched it about eight times this morning) and believe it or not, they talked about the hippos oozing some sort of pink substance – so they were pink, after all… Dan keeps intending to write you a more formal “Thank You” (if emails are ever considered formal) but he seems to be crazily busy at work, all the sudden, which is good, we’re not complaining at all.

      By the way, your HSLDA card was in the box with the rest of the goodies. One of these days (very soon, I hope) we’ll get that sent back to you.

      Thanks again!

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