I just noticed that I was at 399 total published posts on this blog, and couldn’t resist a celebratory *bump* post to push it to an even 400…



Rachel mentioned that I should link to the first post I ever wrote… I went to check and oddly enough, it was also Christmas related, and written while preparing for an impending birth…


3 thoughts on “400!!!

  1. Very cool! Way better than most expensive photographers..

    By the by, we’ve been puzzling over Kai’s mouth for two years, and we think we’ve finally got it figured out–certain mischievous expressions make his mouth look exactly like Kinsley’s. We think. We don’t have photographic proof, as yet. 😉

    1. Thanks! Every time I take any pictures, I always wish that I had even half of Marty’s talent.

      You should send us some pictures demonstrating the “Kinsley Mouth”… Dan and I were just puzzling yesterday over all the strange combinations of family resemblances in our families….

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