The Christmas Story… according to the girls


Kinsley and Sophie are pretending to be the wise men, taking gifts to Baby Jesus.


They were lacking a ride at first, but then they happened upon a camel. And just happened to have a saddle blanket with them.



The camel was very tame. Too tame, as it turned out, because when they wanted it to fly into the sky while pulling the sleigh (yep, a sleigh!), the camel simply rolled onto it’s belly and refused.


So the wise men had to walk to Baby Jesus.


When they got there, He wanted to go on a camel ride with them.


So they placed Him very carefully on the back of the gentle camel, and then warned the camel to be extra careful.


The camel refused to move.

So, they chastised the camel, severely.


Which gave it a stomach ache.


So, they all took it to the animal hospital, along with Baby Jesus.

Once there, the camel turned into Clifford the Big Red Dog. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Please note: While my children are still a little confused about the Christmas story, they can both identify Missouri, Texas and New Mexico on the map. We truly do attempt to teach them things…it’s just that some things don’t exactly stick in their mushy little brains.


6 thoughts on “The Christmas Story… according to the girls

  1. This is exactly why I want little girls of my own! ❤ I just found your blog, quite randomly (I googled miniature nativities and your blog happened to pop up), and it has inspired me more than you’ll ever know! You really should consider writing a book, it would touch many peoples’ hearts! Thank you for sharing moments that matter the most in this life. Your family is quite amazing!


    1. Aww, thanks Christina. I have to remind myself that these little moments are worth every single second of the more difficult times in between.

      Believe it or not, we’ve tossed around the idea of writing a book… you just never know….

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