Meet turkey number one..


This is Tom. According to Kinsley (as she explained to Sophie) this turkey is “a tiny baby, who was just living with his mama and papa – but now we are going to eat him, because babies are usually the best kinds of animals to eat.”


And this is the heart of the baby turkey, apparently. Sophie insists that the baby turkey has been waving at her from the counter where he was draining. As I injected him with the marinade, Kinsley explained to Sophie that “this is how we give shots to baby turkeys.” It’s all very graphic.


Kinsley asked to pet him. Then she pronounced him “so so slimy!”


Kinsley keeps saying that she “can’t wait till we get to eat the baby turkey!”


2 thoughts on “Meet turkey number one..

  1. I make lists too, but somehow when I get to the end, the boys have eliminated the “doneness” of alot of the items croseed off! Funny how that happens. I should just laminate the lists and bring them out again the next day to save the time of rewriting them! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be thinking of you guys at the Atlanta celebration!


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