(The random picture above was taken by Caleb. It was supposed to demonstrate how Sophie and I look alike, but Sophie wasn’t too into the idea of sitting still…)

So today my plans are as follows:

Clean the bathroom (done)
Clean the dining room (done)
Clean the playroom (done)
Wash all windows and mirrors
Thaw and brine turkey #1 (partly done)
Make sweet potatoes (done)
Clean potty seat
Clean kitchen

Just have to post this so that I can keep myself moving right along…


3 thoughts on “plans

  1. I can see Sophie in you in that picture. I think it’s the intensity of the look, more than anything. She’s not doing it in that picture, but she makes a nearly identical expression at times.

    Love you,

  2. This is where I wanted to put my comments that ended up under your turkey post! Sorry! Love the black and white picture!


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