life goes on…


We’ve been taking advantage of Caleb’s impromptu visit while we wait for news about Grandpa’s recovery…



We’ve played several rounds of poker and bluff, and Caleb introduced up to Cranium…

Sleep has been a little hard to come by lately, so we all grab it when and where we can.





The upcoming week promises to be as busy and hectic as the proceeding ones.

Will be having a mini-Thanksgiving dinner with Caleb and my family on Tuesday evening before he leaves on Wednesday morning. I hope to visit Grandpa in the hospital again on Wednesday, depending on who is taking Caleb back to the airport.

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with the my family, my sister and her family, Dan’s brother and his family and my aunt and her family at our house on Thursday.

On Friday, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Dan’s niece, Rachel, along with her husband and their roly-poly son, Teddy.

(isn’t he a handsome fella?)

We expect to celebrate Thanksgiving (and Life in general) with them on Saturday, along with another young couple from our church, and the Lonesome Hill gang.

Grandpa should be out of the hospital on Friday, and I’m anxious to have them back. It seems strange to know that they’re not just down the road…


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