The Game

Each evening when Dan gets home, the girls run to the door, jabbering a mile a minute before he even makes it in the door. They begin laying out plans (according to them) for the evening. Usually, they hope for a huge raucous night of dancing, tickling, and shrieking, followed by the reading of about 17 books, which they have laid out in advance. Sometimes the schedule of events includes a bath, or a walk. If Dan and I already had goals for the evening, and we have to put the girls off, they usually try to figure out a way to get Dan caught up in the activity before he even knows what hit him. That’s pretty much what happened last evening.


This is their favorite game, which started out being called “The Running Game”, but has since been shortened to “The Game”. Basically, it consists of the girls getting their “unsuspecting” papa to sit on the floor for long enough for them to slink far enough away to allow them to get a running start. Then, they run at their papa, slamming into him in an attempt to knock him over. Then, while one girl is “keeping him down” the other backs up and takes another running leap… This usually continues until someone is injured and we have to move on to other activities.


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