Recent Pontifications


Saturday Evening: (This speech began because I asked the girls “Isn’t Papa a good man?”)

“Papa is getting to be an old man… so… God will help him find me a husband, and then find Sophie a husband, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to you but Truxton will be my little brother, and then after a while, my husband will be an old man too. Papa is taking a long time at the store because he is an old man.”

Monday Breakfast: (Interjected into a conversation which Dan and I were having regarding a family acquaintance, who is an elderly, single lady.)

“Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are kind of like old maids – it makes me so sad. Do you know if Hillary Clinton is a man, or a woman?”


2 thoughts on “Recent Pontifications

  1. Oh, that’s funny! I love the things that kids say, they just speak from their hearts and minds without worry.

    I have a 6-year-old son and when Hillary Clinton was still in the running, he said to me one day “I would never vote for her!”. I asked him why and he said “when you went to the laundry room, I heard the man on the news say that she had spent $1,000 on donuts and pizza for the reporters following her. She showed that she wasn’t being a good steward of God’s money”. I thought that was pretty insightful!

    Many sweet blessings!

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