Sophie’s Hippo (and children’s art tangent)


See, I told you they’re obsessed! Sophie doodled this hippo the other night. I’m not sure if this would be the head of a hippo, or the whole hog-er, I mean whole hippo.

I love the girls drawings and “letters”. I have this great plan to save digitized copies of many of their drawings over the years, and then on their 5th birthdays to have them made into photo books, like this. I can imagine putting in their artwork, and adding photos of what they looked like at the time that they created this or that particular piece of artwork. Then, it will all be neatly bound and stored in one book, and they can put in on their coffee tables, or show it to their own children. I need to keep captions on each masterpiece, since they always carefully explain what their drawings are, and I am certain to forget.

So from now on, all their drawings must be:
1. Scanned
2. Captioned (with Picasa)
3. Saved with file names explaining who the artist was, and the date that the art was created
4. Saved to our external hard drive
5. Burned to disk, every so often


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