To Catch a Hippo


Photo Credit goes to “digitalART2

Ever since she learned that her cousins Nathan and Natalie were going deer hunting, Kinsley has become obsessed with the idea of hunting hippos. Specifically, Hippos with Cook-able Feet. She has laid out a very detailed plan for the Hippo Hunt, which I will transcribe as she re-explains it to me (for the fifth time today):

“We need to check to see if we have any string in the basement, and then IF we do, then we need to attach some chain to the end of it. Then we head out the door. When we get to Uncle Eric’s house, we can ask them if they have Any Hippos on their farm, and when they say that they do, then we go out to The Rocks, and you will hold The String, and I will tackle the hippo and then get The String from you – and tie it around The Hippo’s neck. Then, I will lead The Hippo home, (and we will need a towel for The Hippo), and we will take it into our kitchen, and Uncle Jared can come to our house (because he likes hippos to eat) and we can cook it, and eat it. It should probably be a Baby Hippo, because Smaller Hippos, are long enough to eat. And we may need a gun, to shoot The Hippo, in case it tries to sing.”

I admit, the girl is bonkers.

She has been obsessed with Hippos for over a year now. She saw the below video, and took such an instant and terrible dislike to it, that she literally drops to the ground screaming with fright if she sees this clip, or even hears a bit of the song by the Tokens. Sad.


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