walking to the grocery store


One fine day, we set out on a brisk walk to the grocery store. Then both girls decided that it would be better if they were walking, instead of riding in the stroller.


Then they discovered the leaves along the pathway (hence the photo collage below).


Life is just so exciting at the ages of (nearly) two and three! Sometimes I long to be invigorated by everything that sends the girls into fits of happiness…


Kinsley’s rapidly growing, three year old legs, are now able to carry her down the pathway much faster than Sophie’s stumpy baby legs.


But Kinlsey, being a (usually) sweet big sister, soon took note of the little sister’s plight, and came to her assistance.




There’s nothing in the world that makes us happier than when the girls are sweet to each other. We pray that they continue to be good for each other for their entire lives.


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