The Great Shopping Cart Escapade


Dan needed to run to Wal-Mart yesterday evening simply, to get one key made. That was all, one. lousy. key. Around here, that seems to be a job requiring much talent, since we tried two auto parts stores and a lumber yard, and non of them could make that particular key…

So, we headed to Wal-Mart. Both girls wanted to ride in the back of the cart, which is all fine and dandy if the the parents watch the children closely – which we were doing, but then, while the key was being cut, Dan and I both happened to turn our backs on the cart, and in that same fraction of a second, both girls spied a rack of foam balls on the corner of a shelf filled with clay pigeons. Both reached at the same time, and the narrow, older style, cart tipped.

It happened in much less time than it takes to read this sentence. I actually don’t think I even saw the tip, but I heard it, and heard the guy making the key gasp, and I knew what happened. I screamed. The cart hit the floor, and both girls started wailing instantly. Within two seconds, about fifteen employees and a manager materialized from nowhere and flocked around the cart, which was incredible in itself, since we hadn’t seen a single employee in the vicinity when we needed help with the key.


Long story short – or at least shorter – both girls are fine. Kinsley escaped with a couple of bruised knee caps and a busted lip. Sophie sustained the bump on her forehead and nose, and a larger bump on the back of her head. We watched them both closely, and they showed no signs of any serious injury.


Sophie has been thrilled with her “owie”. She calls it a “jungle owie”, and has said over and over again while peering into the mirror, “I happy I got owie on the cart. I prolly gonna be okay.”


2 thoughts on “The Great Shopping Cart Escapade

  1. I think every family gets at least one shopping cart fiasco! Ours was a narrow miss thanks to the quick action of my oldest son!
    BTW, I had to get egg drop soup last week after reading your post, and now I’m hankering for Hot and Sour!

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