Kicking off cold and flu season in style


It all started with Kinsley, and as she puts it, her “complicated nose problem”. It soon developed into sore throats, stuffy/runny nose, and fevers.

My age old, tried and true remedy for under-the-weather situations like this, is Egg Drop Soup. Having just entertained company for the weekend (another post which I hope to get to later on), we were short on supplies in the pantry, so I took the girls to the local Chinese restaurant. Things began to improve immediately.



I think it was their first experience with Egg Drop Soup, and the girls were a little hesitant about how to proceed.


But Sophie soon figured it out…



It was a huge hit, and Kinsley insisted that “The Soup That Is Good For Colds” had made her better, and that now she could go see Grandma and Grandpa. She insisted that she would be nice, and not give Grandpa her cold.

Last night, Sophie was awake the entire night with a fairly high fever. I tried several different things to distract her from crying and moaning, and at one point early this morning, I said “Let’s think about something. What do you want to think about?”

She answered immediately “Nathan!”

“Okay,’ I said, ‘let’s think of Nathan. What does he do?”

She answered by chanting in a sing-song monotone “Nathan… Nathan…. Nathan… Nathan… Nathan…” till she drifted into a feverish sleep.

Then another time during the night (she had been trembling pretty violently all night long) she sat up in bed and said “Mama, I do – ” and she proceeded to demonstrate a very exaggerated version of her trembling, with her little intense face glowing white in the moonlight.

This morning her fever has broken, but she’s still pretty tired from the night’s activities.

I see lots of teas and soups in our near future!


2 thoughts on “Kicking off cold and flu season in style

  1. awwww… the poor little ladies! Give them kisses for us. And don’t forget that you and The Boy need sleep too.

    My Boy has a very infected spider bite.

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