the bug life in October


I saw this leaf, glowing in the warm evening sunshine, and it was only after I photographed the leaf, that I noticed the little white spider sitting on the edge of the leaf – he actually seemed kind of friendly, but then he may have simply been curious what that huge black eye was, and why it was staring him down.

This fella, on the other hand, he had to be being friendly. Look, he’s waving! Don’t grasshoppers look British, somehow?


He does look like he’s feeling a little squished, though.


Then there was this dude. He was not friendly – in fact, he was down-right rude. He pretended to be dead, and then, when we persisted, we began to ooze a very unfriendly, blister causing substance from his joints. And he wonders why no one likes him!


This creature may or may not have been friendly, but she’s so ugly that we really didn’t feel like finding out anymore about her.


She does need to shave her legs, though.



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