It’s a…



We’re still in shock. Honestly, I didn’t think that my side of the family could produce boys. My sister has six girls, and after two daughters, I figured we could only make girls – what a surprise!

Since I feel bad that I have flashed photos of the baby’s male parts all around the internet, I figured we should include something a bit more dignified.


That’s his head. It’s sort of alien-ish at the moment, but we expect that it should turn out okay by the time he arrives. Kinsley has been concerned that our baby might not have any skin, after seeing the ultrasound. He has a foot, too. Actually, he has two feet, which is always good.



2 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. How wonderful! I showed these pictures to Hosanna and explained about your having a baby boy, and she replied in shock, “Candace is having a baby???”
    I guess she hadn’t noticed.
    Or forgot.
    Now, she’s thinking up some good name suggestions for you. After all, he must be named.

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