Kinsley’s Birthday

We had a “progressive” birthday celebration in honor of Kinsley’s third birthday. It was progressive in the sense that now she’s three (that’s progress!) and also progressive in the sense that the celebration involved multiple locations and events.

I have tons and tons of photos, and I’ve sorted through and chosen just my favorites. But that’s still a ton of photos – so I’ve decided that this birthday post will have to come in a series. Otherwise, you people on dial-up would still be waiting for photos to load when Kinsley’s next birthday rolls around.

So, part one:


The birthday celebration at Grandma and Grandpa’s included Granddad, Marme, all the uncles and the aunt. Grandma served a spaghetti lunch with a veggie tray, as Kinsley had requested broccoli, celery, carrots, and potatoes with noodles “for everyone else” and chocolate cake with lickable candles for herself.


Mom and Dad had gone in with Dan and I in the joint purchase of a baby violin for Kinsley, as she’s obsessed with bluegrass these days. So, the gifts she actually opened on her birthday were fairly nominal, though she was just as thrilled with these as she had been with her fiddle.

The morning of her birthday, she woke up asking for a kite for her birthday. Then later in the day, I asked her what her favorite birthday gift had been, she answered that it was the kite which she would be getting later.


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