Kinsley’s birthday :: The Song


There’s this thing you have to know about a Jacobson birthday. The “happy birthday” song is insane. It involves the compilation of several songs, some of which are sung more than once, with a break in the middle of it all for a speech to be made by the birthday victim. Though I haven’t actually timed The Song (the length is somewhat dependent on the speech given half-way through), the first time I heard The Song performed, I think it lasted somewhere around 23 minutes. We Jacobsons shop for extra long candles, and then freeze them, to give us time to sing The Song before the cake catches fire.

Kinsley had requested The Song at breakfast, and again at lunch. Dan told her that we would wait till we were at a Jacobson party before singing it, for the sake of everyone else involved. When he told her that, Kinsley responded “But Papa, I am a Jacobson!”


So, when the time finally came for The Song, Kinsley was overwhelmed. Tears actually sprang to her eyes.


She managed a tiny little giggle, in place of her speech, followed a squeaky, whispered “Thank you!”.


It was all she could have hoped for.


Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, she opened the gift from Uncle Eric, Aunt Paula, the kids, and Mama Maria (Paula’s mom).


It was a kite!

(PS – some details regarding The Song were slightly exaggerated)


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