Visiting Marme at the Daycare

My mom started working at a local daycare over the summer. She really enjoys the interactions with the children, and the challenges of dealing with some of the more difficult little tykes. The owner of the daycare is a lady who goes to the same church as my parents, and, if you wanted to get really detailed and complicated about it all, is also married to the man who my brother works for at the local auto detail shop. It’s a small town.

Anyway, Mom invited the girls to come and join in the outside playtime activities. I really wondered what the girls would think of the situation, since while I consider my children to be better socialized than most, their social life usually consists of situations involving entire families, and I wasn’t sure how they would react to that many children in one small area.



They were a little overwhelmed at first, but it didn’t take too long for them too begin to experiment with a lone activity or two.



Pretty soon, one of the girls (who was incredulous that “Miss LaDonna” was actually a grandma) took Kinsley under her wing.


Sophie pretty much avoided interactions, and stared at all the activity with incredulity clearly written on her face.


She even looked a little snide…



After a while, she finally gave in and experimented with a few tentative interactions.

It was touching to sit and visit with the children. They all craved attention, and were more than happy to show-off for the camera.



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