The Car


I hate large, obnoxiously colored pieces of plastic designed to assist children in the squelching of their imaginations. Somehow, we still manage to amass them, mostly because we have a very dear and sweet grandma who lives nearby and who can’t pass up a good deal at a yard sale.

Anyway, I thought of this car as one of those useless eyesores (and it partly is) but on the other hand, I’ve been pleased to see how it actually seems to spark the girls creativity.

Sophie insists that it takes a certain set of keys to start the car, and won’t budge her car till I find those keys. Then, she places her feet up on the dash board and says “Faster, Mama!”

Both girls are able to fit in the car, even if they do look a little like Richard Scary characters as they pile in and out.


During a playtime outside the other day, I was reading and drinking coffee, when I began to notice fragments of the conversation emanating from the car which caused me to perk up, take pictures, and listen.

“I’m Dan, and you’re Candace.” Kinsley informed Sophie as she slipped her arm around her little sister. Then, imitating her papa, she added, “Ah, Candace, what can I do for you, Darling?”

It made me thankful all over again for my wonderful, sweet, attentive husband.


One thought on “The Car

  1. We share the same views about those large pieces of plastic, but also have been gifted a few items and luckily my little ones do seem to enjoy them and use their imaginations. My husband put his foot down about gathering any more bulky plastic items though! He always looks at yards and says “it looks like Little T***ES* threw up all over the yard….not so gifted with speech, but I always agree with his point*smile*

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