Look Out For Pirates!


This book was one of Dan’s childhood favorites, and has recently been enjoying a new life in our home. Eric and Paula’s kids have enjoyed reading it recently, and it has become the bedtime story of choice for Kinsley, lately. We’re not sure what she gets out of the story exactly, as her commentary leads us to believe that it’s pretty much lost on her.


The story contains swashbuckling pirates, a treasure chest filled with gold, resourceful “good guys”, storms at sea, deep-sea diving, an encounter with a large and scary fish, and a shipwreck. What’s not to love?


While the (very sixties-ish) good guys are escaping from the evil pirates, they are overtaken by a storm at sea, which leads to a shipwreck, and the temporary loss of their gold-filled treasure chest.


They manage to crawl out of the ocean alive, and it’s at this point in the story that Kinsley usually points out that “the man is washing his feet in the water, ’cause he has bare feet”.


When one of the good guys goes deep sea diving to retrieve their sunken treasure, he encounters a large and ominous fish, looming over the treasure chest.


At this point, Kinsley would like to point out that “though they say that it’s a fish in the book, it’s really a shark, and the shark is the mama of all the little fish in the ocean” (see photo above).

I think pirate stories are a little lost on the poor little girl.


5 thoughts on “Look Out For Pirates!

  1. I am totally a lurker, but when I saw this, I had to post. This book was my brother’s favorite as a child. We have a copy and my boys loved it when they were younger. I could probably quote parts of it. 🙂

  2. For reasons I can’t understand, this book is my 3yo daughter’s favorite. The rock solid plot, perhaps? We’re missing a couple of pages, including the shark page…

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