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1. pillowcase dress

A while back I made THESE pillowcase dresses. Like the t-shirt skirts, I thought the project went smoothly, and always planned to get back to the idea. But, like the skirts, I never did. I did save these links as cute ideas though…

Jen, at Red Instead, has this tutorial.

Leslie also has a tutorial up at her blog, A Room Somewhere. I enjoy reading Leslie’s blog regularly, by the way.

And then there’s Susan’s tutorial on Freshly Picked

2. boston terrier puppies

I don’t actually have Boston Terriers, but my parents do, and they love them to death. They have three of them actually – two females and a male. THe male is virtually impossible to photograph, but here are the two females…



3. dobson ron paul

This search term is interesting to me for many different reasons. The search usually takes people to the post about the open letter to Dr. Dobson. The interesting thing to me, is that any leader in the Christian community can carry so much weight that his endorsement of any political candidate is crucial to that candidacy. It’s also amazing that Christians are so willing to not think, and instead allow a “spiritual geru” to do their thinking for them. We seem to be like sheep who confuse a slightly larger, more prominent sheep for The Shepherd.

4. home crafts

This is one of my favorite topics, right up there with thrifting!

5. baseball posters


I have no idea why this search would lead to my blog. I don’t own any baseball posters, and don’t really have any interest in them. But hello, people searching for baseball posters! Can I interest you in a cup of coffee and photos of my daughters? They’re much cuter than big stinky baseball players anyway. And they sweat less. Not that a poster sweats, but you’d probably have the impression of sweat every time you looked at your poster.

6. embroidery patterns


I love anything with vintage embroidery – especially pillowcases. I wish I could embroidery, but I can’t ever make it look right. I envision all these sweet, simple little girls dresses in natural fibers and neutral colors with charming little embroidered accents.

Beetastic has an amazing collection of vintage embroidery finds. I love to browse through her photostream.

7. seashell crafts


I assume that this search leads to Gentlewood Cottage because of the wreath which I made for Christmas two years ago…

8. marme


The girls’ name for my mom. The name was chosen by my sister-in-law, Delana. I insisted that I got to choose what our kids would call my dad, so he’s Granddad.

9. retro homemaking

An endlessly fun topic. But really, there’s not much difference in Retro Homemaking, and Modern Homemaking, when it comes to the technique – it’s the mentality that’s different. Maybe that should be a whole ‘nother post for a whole ‘nother time.

10. vintage picnic

Ahh the romance…

We used to do this sort of thing more often pre-kid. Maybe someday it won’t seem so daunting and we’ll do it more often again.

You could serve any food at a “vintage” picnic. The romance is in the presentation. Chipped vintage plates with cheery colored flowers, sparkling citrus soda served in real glasses, and strong black coffee in chunky vintage coffee mugs are all essential. Someday I would love to find a genuine red-checkered table cloth to add to my picnic stash. If you’re lucky enough, you will dine on a grassy slope, overlooking a smooth jazz or a big band concert playing in the distance.

In the “old days” we took a book and read for hours. Maybe in the future we will enjoy that again, this time with our children flying kites and chasing butterflies in the distance.

11. love husband

This search thrills me. It’s like Google saw that search and thought “Who was that lady who writes that blog? Don’t you think it’s pretty obvious that she loves her husband? Let’s add that as a search result.” Yup, it must have gone something like that.

12. pioneer spider cooking pan

What? You lost me on that one.

13. handsome husband

See number 11. Strike “loves her husband?”. Insert “has a handsome husband?”.


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