The Little Red Tricycle

It all started because of The Little Engine That Could. Kinsley fell in love with that book, and sat steadying every minute detail of each illustration on every single page. She could sit for an hour, looking at that book, thinking, dreaming, looking off into space and imagining.

Then one day, she spotted it. There, on nearly the last page, was a little boy riding a shiny red tricycle. The sheer romance of the illustration captured Kinsley’s imagination at once. She began to notice bikes every where we went, pointing them out and suggesting that she could probably ride them.

Then, her cousins were over one weekend, and brought their bikes to ride on our trail, and the dreamy idea became even more realistic in her mind. She began to ask for a tricycle. “Not a purple tricycle” she clarified, “a red tricycle.”

So, we suggested to her that we begin to save up for one, and watch for them at yard sales and thrift shops. This was the first think that Kinsley has ever really, really wanted, and we wanted to use the opportunity to teach her about saving and waiting. So she saved. I donated all of my laundry funds, and she added every penny she found. We had nearly filled a half gallon jar, when Grandma and Grandpa called one day to say that they had something for Kinsley.



The excitement was nearly too much for her. “It is not purple!” She squealed happily. “Mama, would you like to walk with me on the pathway?” “Look, there’s a spot for my juice!”


Once again, Grandma and Grandpa saved the day!



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