Twenty Five


We celebrated my 25th birthday on Saturday, and it was wonderful!

Kinsley trumpeted the phrase “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!” through out the day, being very careful to place her tongue between her teeth for the “th” sound in “birthday” and resulting in showers of saliva for anyone near her. Though the above video was created for Uncle Mark’s and Uncle Joe’s birthdays, I thought I’d include it here, to show the sweet pronunciation of the word “birthday”.


I read through some of my journal entries written on past birthdays, and was surprised by many things which I had already forgotten.


I received many sweet birthday messages from friends and family, which made me thankful all over again for the life God has seen fit to bless me with. I don’t feel any older, but my life feels fuller, richer, and sweeter than ever before.



Dan and I accomplished a few little “honey do” jobs, which we’ve been wanting to get to for some time now. And I decluttered. I hauled out over 12 garbage bags of accumulated junk. For my birthday, Dan (at my request) has hired a girl who cleans houses, to come and help me get to some things which I haven’t really cleaned since we began the project of having children. She’ll be coming this afternoon, and I’m so excited!


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