13 Search Terms


I’ve been very fascinated to see how people find my blog. Some searches I cannot understand. Some searches I wish I could answer in a more useful manner. Some I just can’t even repeat on this Family Friendly blog. But they all fascinate me.

1. t-shirt reconstruction and all it’s variations.

I can’t believe how popular this search is. It is my number one search term, and the second search term is simply a variation on the spelling. I while back a reconstructed a large t-shirt into two cute little skirts, and thought the project went very well. I’ve saved many a t0shirt, and nearly as many links, intending to get back to the whole topic, but time has not allowed.

Craftster is an invaluable “idea” place for me. There are tons and tons of interesting clothing reconstruction projects. I can’t believe how creative people can get!

2. vintage shoes


I love vintage shoes. But I don’t really remember ever posting about them. If I weren’t me, and I weren’t hopelessly clumsy, I would surely wear those shoes every single day. They’re from Remix Vintage Shoes. I’d pretty much wear any of their shoes – if I weren’t a klutz.

3. blooming tea


My dear friend Rachel let me in on this stuff. Someday, I’ll actually buy some and try it. I can envision the exact setting… In the meantime, I look at the pictures and imagine…

4. gentlewood cottage

It’s nice when people actually search for the blog by name. It gives me a feeling of existence.

5. thrift shop chic rooms


To me, it’s a satisfying feeling to look around any room in my house and spot the thrifted items. It makes me feel frugal and productive. You know – “she bringeth her food from afar” – except… it’s junk. Making the house cozy with unexpected little finds is just thrilling.

6. steak dinner


Does life get any better than that?

7. sewing room


This is an appropriate search in my estimation, because thanks to my husband, I have a wonderful sewing area. It’s so handy and bright and cheery! I think I’d like it, even if it weren’t mine.

8. khaki skirt

I’m still on the lookout for the “perfect” khaki skirt. It’s kind of elusive, like the “perfect” denim skirt. Maybe someday…

9. vintage inspired dresses


Some of my favorite things in life!

10. vintage things

Now that’s a general search for you. But then again, imagine what you might find…

11. miniature dachshund

Got one. A very pregnant one, in fact.

12. frederick morgan


He’s good, isn’t he?

13. which way is the bus traveling


A very deep and thought provoking question. Which usually leads people to this post.

So that’s it for now. The second edition will be released next Thursday!


6 thoughts on “13 Search Terms

  1. I love mine too…except my #1 search term is “redneck porn”…because I made a post about my church talking about pornography.

    Anyhoo, great list! Happy TT!

  2. Wow, your terms are so much nicer than the ones that bring them to my blog. I wonder why that is LOL. Happy TT

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