The Lonesome Hill Gang…

We attended a bluegrass jam session in honor of our niece, Natalie’s birthday.


Over the past year, Nathan and Natalie have picked up bluegrass in an incredible way.


They have recently (with a few other local people and their mother (Aunt Paula), formed a new bluegrass band, called The Lonesome Hill Gang.




The girls danced through the jam, entertaining the old ladies.


Oh, and if you’re wondering why Kinsley is in her panties, it’s cause of the fountain…


But, to get back to the subject of this post. Nathan and Natalie wrote the following song (which, by the way, is one of my favorite bluegrass pieces!)

Nathan says:

My sister and I had been writing this song about a week before we named it. A couple day’s later we had a very big thunderstorm,our creek was a roaring torrent,the water was easily 3’over the bridge.I had just finished working out the bugs on our song, but we still didn’t have a name for it. We played the song a couple times and thought it sounded a lot like a creek that was swollen from heavy rains. Our creek’s name is “Clear Creek”, so we thought that “Clear Creek Run” would be an appropriate name for it.

Genius, no?


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