7 days of juice


Dan and I (with the company of my parents) have set of on a seven day juice fast. While we’re not buying all that alkalizing, enema, dry brush, cold shower stuff (which Dan is convinced the guy made up to see what odd things he could get people to do), we are doing the juicing part. And the fasting part. We’re in day two, and it’s not going too bad. Today I have more energy than I did yesterday, at least. Food still sounds really good though. The neighbor just invited us to dinner, describing in mouth watering detail the Chicago Dogs which they would be serving.


Yesterday we had carrot, strawberry and pear juice. It was pretty good. This morning we had apple, pear, lime and celery, which was also very good.


I made this veggie broth stuff, which, as it turns out, is also pretty good!

Think we’ll make it seven days?


One thought on “7 days of juice

  1. I had forgotten about juice fasts. Hmm, maybe I should try one myself! I eagerly look forward to your results. 🙂

    Why did you decide to do one, specifically?

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