Art and Music


In music study the same principles apply as do in picture study, nature study, and nature notebooks. That is the principle of attentiveness and good observation. The goal is not to have children who can give a lecture on music theory. It is to have children learn to enjoy classical music and tell one piece from another just as naturally as they learn the difference between, say, The Farmer in the Dell and When the Saints Go Marching In – because they are both familiar with and fond of what they are hearing. The more they are exposed to good literature, the better they get at reading the themes and language of literature. In art and music, the more they are simply exposed to pictures and music, the more they learn to ‘read’ the themes of the world’s classic compositions. ~Ambleside Online


Kinsley spent some time sitting quietly and listening to Vivaldi’s Spring today. I had prefaced the “lesson” by telling her that this music was written by a man named Vivaldi, and he wrote this particular song to express what Spring made him imagine.


We had already been discussing the different seasons, and she has become fascinated with the thought that spring is the time for birds, and bugs, rain, and bees, so that is what she was listening for in the music.

…Spring, with a profusion of birds, the breath of gentle breezes, a murmuring stream, swaying plants, a goatherd lulled to sleep and shepherds holding a celebratory bagpipe dance. ~Classical Notes


She was pretty sure she heard rain in the music, and then some bees, which she told me she doesn’t like “’cause they can sting your bommom” (bottom).


I found that her attention span for this sort of thing is roughly 60 seconds long, but she was able to stretch herself and sat to listen for about five minutes. All in all, I thought it wasn’t a bad first lesson in classical music.

One thought on “Art and Music

  1. Lovely pictures. You really are blessed. Not many people have the gift of seeing beauty in everyday scenes. Thank you for sharing.

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