Day One :: the bedroom


Kinsley is having an Anti-Binkster week. It began with the ceremony of driving out to Granddad’s office to leave the binkster in a pretty gift bag, tacked to his bulletin board. Granddad has been a great proponent of Binkster Weaning, and Kinsley knows that. She often makes commentary about this or that thing which Granddad will do “if I don’t have my binkster in my mouth” and she always point out to him when she doesn’t have her binkster in her mouth.


We agreed that we would have a Non-Binkster Party at the end of the week, Grandma has promised a few presents, and Papa and I have promised that Kinsley will be allowed to chose a (small) gift for herself, upon the completion of seven days without a binkster.


Papa and I have tried to bring small rewards into our daily activities, pointing out that each one is another milestone she has reached because now she’s a big girl and no longer needs her binkster.


On day one, we set up a “big bed” in Kinsley and Sophie’s room. Kinsley has been thrilled, and has drug every single relative who has stepped through our door. She announces that this is a Non-Binkster Big Girls Bed.


So, all that to explain these photos of the girls’ bedroom.


We’ve painted some old furniture, brought in a few new things, and rearranged everything. In a very Non-Binkster sort of way.



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