vintage inspired dress and jacket


This dress set was inspired by a vintage pattern in a size much too large for my girls. I pieced some other patterns together and came up with this version.


I actually finished these in early march, and the fabric was a little too light for the snowy weather which we were enduring during the particular event for which these were made, so I re-did some flannel pantaloons which I made for the girls last fall, to coordinate with the outfit.



The fabric was a serendipitous find. I found the white print before I ever had children and stowed it away, influenced by my belief that all of my children would be of the male variety. After I had Kinsley, I had dreams of sewing a darling vintage dress out of it, but never got around to it. Then came Sophie, and I decided that I always had to make them matching dresses. When I got ready to use that fabric, I was saddened to see that there wasn’t enough for what I had in mind. I put the fabric back on the shelf with a sigh, thinking that someday I would have to make a cute little jumpsuit for some baby boy. That same afternoon, my Grandma brought by a bag of goodies from the thrift shop. In it was just enough of the blue version of that same print to make it work with creative cutting! I had only the smallest threads left, when I was done.


The button came from a family friend’s estate. The lady had passed away, and the husband gave much of her lifetime collection of sewing notions away. She had collected things from her mother, so I have no idea how old this button is, but I thought it very quaint and unusual.


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