everyday photos :: rainy day


“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” ~ Longfellow


I’ve always thought there is a certain coziness about a rainy day. The sound of the raindrops hitting the roof and windows, the fresh smell that comes with the rain, and even the muted colors which can sometimes seem dreary.


Anything can seem cozy to me, If I consume copious amounts of coffee.


The plants have been loving the rain, and it’s encouraging blooms on my peace lilies.


The town where my 97 year old great-grandfather lives has apparently flooded. I hear tht the citizens are vacating by boat, in many cases. The country highway leading to my grandfather’s farm has been closed down due to flooding, causing my great aunt and uncle to have to drive their back-hoe through the flooded areas to get to my grandfather and take him to higher ground. A childhood friend of my grandma’s, living in the same town, apparently walked out of his shop (he’s still working as a machinist at the age of 80) to check on some equipment he had in the back of his lot, near the creek. He didn’t come back. They just found his body near where he must have fallen into the creek. It’s so sad! Life was normal for him and his family just yesterday, and then it began to rain.


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