A Baby Woman and Her Iron

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The girls and I had a fun day shopping at the local thrift shops on Friday.

Almost as soon as we were in the car, Kinsley said that she was hungry. As a treat, we stopped into the local greasy spoon to snack on cheese balls and ice water. Nothing has changed in that small town restaurant since I had eaten breakfasts there with my grandpa when I wasn’t much older than Kinsley. It has a “round table” and the same old men sit at that table, who were sitting there when I would go there 20 some years ago. There are a few faces missing now, and maybe a few new faces, but mostly it’s the same old guys, eating the same food served by the same waitress, just all looking a little older than they used to.

Kinsley was looking at the wall behind me and said “Look at that! I wonder how they got that goat on the ceiling?” I turned and saw what she was talking about – a mounted deer head.

Finishing up our snack, we headed out to the thrift shop next door, where we found the sweetest little retro toy iron. It even had a working plug (a thought which sends shivers of terror down my spine, actually). We purchased it for twenty five cents. Dan was able to remove the cord, and Kinsley absolutely loves it!

The video below is of her and her new iron. She thinks she’s “sewing”. The voice she’s doing, is how she says the gator in Epossumondas talks. She’s still a baby – she just talks a lot!


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