Thirteen things buzzing ’round my brain…

…mostly to do with our planned summer vacation…

1. I must get Sophie’s birth certificate application submittes.

2. Pull-ups may work better than diapers – in flight – since diaper changing space may be limited.

3. Make certain to bring binksters for take off and landing.

4. Must pack decongestant for Dan’ sinus problems while landing .

5. Check TSA for what can be in the carry-ons.

6. Dress the babies appropriately.

7. Carefully plan diaper bag essentials.

8. Brush up on travel safety tips.

9. My favorite Luggage Tags.

10. Love these shirts!

11. Decide what to do about the stroller.

12. I’m leaning toward traveling with a sling, instead of a stroller.

13. Tips for traveling with toddlers

3 thoughts on “Thirteen things buzzing ’round my brain…

  1. Give ’em Dramamine and let ’em sleep 🙂 Oh yea, that was the old school way to do it. I don’t envy you travelling far with babies, but I miss the days when mine were little 🙂

    Happy TT.

  2. Well, I hope you have fun and that things will go smoothly. I remember when I was 4 weeks pregnant and flying with my 7 1/2 months old daughter for 14 hours… Not fun!
    Happy late TT!

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