T-Shirt Reconstruction

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I have the hardest time passing up cute printed t-shirts at thrift shops – even though I don’t care to wear prints myself. I have had these two t-shirts in my “thrifted for fabric” stash for months now and was finally inspired by a skirt in Garnet Hill.

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My only regret is that the orange stripey t-shirt wasn’t big enough to get shorts out of it too – I’d love to have added built in shorts under the skirts.


3 thoughts on “T-Shirt Reconstruction

  1. Hi:)!

    I came here from your post at S & S board. The skirts are really cute, and I like the way you put them together from thrifted t-shirts–waste not, want not! Your girls will have cute, custom skirts to wear this spring.

    I’m really curious to know (since I sew and like to photograph things), how did you photograph your skirts? Is the blue background added, or did you have something blue as a background already there? It looks really nice and pleasing to the eye!


  2. Got here through Monday Madness. I can’t help but give a comment on this post. The skirts are great! You patched them up so well. I love the color!

  3. Just a p.s.–

    I have a younger brother named Jared, so my children have an “Uncle Jared” too (and I changed his diapers as well!)! Too funny!

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