Friday’s Feast

What is your usual bedtime? Do you like that, or would you rather it be different?

I generally drop into bed as soon as both girls are asleep. I need the sleep, but on the other hand I usually am kicking myself that I don’t have the fortitude to stay up for at least a few minutes and do a tiny bit of re-ordering about the house.

When it comes to advice, do you give more or receive more?

I’m afraid I’m a giver of advice. I tend to be highly opinionated. Which is something I hate about myself.

Describe a memorable meal you’ve had.

I think of two straightaway. Both were meals during our courtship. You would have to understand that our courtship took place in a somewhat unusual (but highly effective, it seems) way. Dan works for my Dad in the family business, as I’ve mentioned. The family business is located just up the road from my parent’s home. So, after every work day, Dan would drive down the driveway and we would eat dinner together, and then spend the rest of the evening talking out in the cottage garden. It was an intense courtship! The times when we went somewhere were rather rare, so those are the meals that stand out in my mind. The first was when Dan and I went to his brother’s house for dinner. Dan made blackened tilapia and the house filled with smoke. Thick peppery smoke that made breathing nearly impossible!

The second was our first official “date” where we actually ate out. Dan ordered a mushroom burger and I followed suit, even though mushrooms are my most dreaded food in all the world. I had a hard time eating that thing – in the end, I had to leave most of it on my plate.

Main Course
Name a work of fiction that affected the way you think about something.

This one is easy! CS Lewis’ The Chronicles Of Narnia has got to be one of the most influential pieces of writing I have ever read. Every single time I read it, something new and exciting jumps out at me. It’s one of the deepest works I can think of, in any genre. In my opinion, it is crucial for children in that helps to grow their imagination in a way that is very important to their spiritual growth. And each time it is read to them, or they read it to themselves in all the different walks of life, they will come away with something new and excellent for their minds to digest.

What is your favorite type of fruit juice?

Peach! This stems back to when I was a preschooler, and the times when I stayed over night with my grandparents on a weekend. My grandma worked in the nursery at their church, and I was too shy to go to the appropriate class, so I went with her. They had a snack time about half way through for the toddlers where they served animal crackers and what I now know is peach juice (which I adored). Now, my mom never bought peach juice, and when I asked for the “Sunday School kind of juice” she (for some odd reason) had no idea what kind I was requesting. So it wasn’t until my married life that I saw peach juice in the grocery store and thought it sounded unique. Imagine my thrilled delight to finally rediscover that long forgotten taste!


One thought on “Friday’s Feast

  1. Your salad was wonderful.
    I read CS Lewis “The Chronicles Of Narnia” The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle twice myself. Then I read them to my oldest son who is now 28. I read them again to our son who is now 14 and I can’t wait to read them to our daughter. It has been 7 years now since I read them. I think they are fabulous!
    Great Friday Feast!
    My feast is served.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (“)_ (“)Š

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