Monday Madness

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1. From beth:
What’s the most unusual hobby you have? How did you get started with it?

I guess it would be my vintage button collection. I think I have been influenced my grandma who is a product of the depression and never threw anything away. When I was a kid I would sort through her tins of buttons which were organized by color family. I don’t think she ever threw any buttons away, and would “hunt up” garments from thrift shops and yard sales just for their buttons. At first I thought the collection was neat, and I loved the way the metal buttons smelled. Then as I reached my early teens (the height of wisdom and maturity, I began to secretly sneer at Grandma’s junk. Now that I have begun sewing, and loving everything vintage, I have a new appreciation for her buttons. And many other notions which she has horded for decades.

2. From briar:
How many different kinds of music do you listen to? Name a few favorites, if you please.

Classical, Swing, Jazz, Bluegrass, Classic Country, Hymns, New-Agey type stuff… Just about every genre except modern country, modern Christian, hip-hop, rap or any of that type stuff (can it truly be called music?).

3. From iris:
Do you take advantage of the outdoor areas where you live? What’s your favorite thing to do outside? What’s your favorite local bird?

We live next the the walking trail in our small town. It borders two side of our yard, and just down the trail it crosses the pretty spring fed creek (see picture above). On summery evenings, we usually walk this trail all the way down to the local park which has a running track, play ground equipment, a river, and a basketball court. We make pretty good use of all the amenities.

About the bird – I’m wish I were more proficient at recognizing the birds in our area. The other day we watched a giant woodpecker on a stump in the yard. The thing was the size of a cat! Sadly, I have no idea what kind it was…

4. From kristy:
Children: Do you have any?

Oh, yeah! Two wonderful, gooey, ridiculous, charming and insane little girls. Kinsley Abigail and Sophie Lucia Marie, ages 18 months and two months, respectively. They are the light of our lives!

5. From amy:
What is your favorite part of spring?

The fact that it’s not winter any more. And there are no mosquitoes yet.
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2 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Hello Candace. Thanks for visiting me earlier. Regarding your question, I’m from the Philippines. We don’t have spring here. We just have wet and dry season.

    Thanks for sharing your MM. I remember you mentioning about vintage buttons before. I think it’s wonderful that you are able to use those buttons in your sewing.

    I love the names of your daughters.

    Take care!

  2. I enjoyed your Monday Madness also – thanx for dropping past my blog! You mentioned “Herman Hermits”? They were an English pop band from the mid-1960’s. Here’s a link for ouy, if u like:

    That is *SUCH* a pretty, picturesque spot down by your creek! Enjoy! Thanx for the pic.

    It’s amazing what music your children enjoy, isn’t it? Mine used to love The Beatles “Octopus Garden” and play it endlessly at that age! Very cute!

    Mal 🙂

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