If I could…

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If only I could create my dream spring/summer wardrobe, it would look something like this.


Cardigan – in white, of course!

Pants that actually fit! One in stone, and one in denim.

The perfect denim skirt

Khaki Skirt

3/4 sleeve collared tees in baby pink, brilliant green, and dream blue.

Button down shirts in a brilliant green, firebrick, black, and white.

Diaper Bag and handbag.

Dress Shoes

Weekend Sandals

Comfy House and Pool Sandals

Swimsuit in crimson.

Coverup and Swim Tote

Seven Vintage Style Daydresses in charming floral prints or bright jewel tones.

Cotton Print Dresses in several colors for weddings, showers, and other summery affairs.


3 thoughts on “If I could…

  1. Fantastic Soup! That is so beautiful and wonderful. Thank you
    for sharing it with us.

    Great Feast!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (“)_ (“)Š

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