Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen things I’m sewing…

1. A dress for my sister…

2. Complete with bolero…

3. And handbag. All in a lovely combination of wine colored gingham and rose floral.

4. A dress for my mom. From the same rose print as my sister’s dress.

5. Pink poodle skirts for my girls, complete with tiny poodles, the black belt, and poofy slips.

6. White sailor dresses for my little girls.

7. A total of eight little vintage style smocks for my girls. Four each with corresponding bloomers in the most charming floral and gingham prints.

8. A skirt very similar to this one, in the same prints as my girls smocks.

9. Two shirts for my mom, a sleevless one and one with bell sleeves, in combinations of the prints which I am using for my skirts and the girls smocks.

10. Two shirts for my sister (the same fabric plan as above).

11. A pair of gauchos for my sister which will match and can be worn with either of her two tops.

12. A black silky kimono for myself to wear to my grandparents 50th anniversary dinner. (The same event that Mom and Hannah will be wearing their new dresses, and which my girls will wear their poodle skirts [the party is a fifties theme]).

13. A small assortment of hats, bonnets and aprons to complete the girls summer wardrobes.

I promise pictures as the various projects are finished.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Good morning from foggy Vancouver!

    I’m in awe of your list – I knit not sew, but don’t have nearly as many projects going as you do – how do you stay organized?

    Your girls are going to have the cutest wardrobes…

  2. I really wish I could sew, knit or crochet..I think I would feel a lot more homey than I am..Perhaps I will learn one day..congrats on everything you are working on!

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