Thurday Thirteen

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Thirteen things I love about my babies

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*The way they smell. They have very distinctly different and yet totally yummy scents.

*Sophie’s beefy shoulders.

*Kinsley’s long light eyelashes.

*Sophie’s wrinkly arms.

*Kinsley’s sweet belly button.

*Sophie’s sticking up hair.

*Kinsley’s silky natural bob.

*Sophie’s opposable toe.

*Kinsley’s little block feet.

*The way Sophie feels when she’s nursing.

*The way Kinsley gets ten pounds heavier and ten degrees warmer when she falls asleep.

*The way the whites of their eyes are tinted blue.

*The way they love each other and put up with each other. Kinsley seems to know that Sophie’s to small to be blamed for her crying and grabbing onto hair and such things, and Sophie puts up with Kinsley’s everwhelming physical loving much better than I would have thought…

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