The Birthtub Scare (aka “How we got our Christmas Tree”)

The birthroom has been an interiesting precess. First we bought a (used) hotub, which we were told worked, and it didn’t. So we spent a couple of months trying to get the problem fixed and hoping that hte baby would wait till it was ready. Finally, it was really up and running. So we moved it up to the bedroom and filled it.

Over the next day or two, we began to worry about the weight of the water on the floor boards etc. One workday, I thought I was hearing a lot of creaknig coming from the basement, so I called Dan and suggested that maybe he should figure out exactly how much the thing weighed. One he calculated it all up, we came to the conclusion that it was somewhere around 150# per sqaure foot. As far as we could learn, 35# per square foot is considered safe.

So Dan and Dad took an emergency break for work (I was there for lunch already, so I answered the phones for them) and went out to cut a tree or two to wedge under the floor joists in the basement.

Grandad (my dad) bringing the tree in with the tractor…

Moving the tree

Dan and Jared (my brother) inspecting the top for Christmas Tree possibilities…

Loading the tree

So, that is how we came by our Christmas Tree.

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